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Perry Ellis - Unlikely Fashion Designer


Perry Ellis Unlikely Fashion Designer to American Icon

Perry Ellis was an American Designer who was born in 1940 to the average middle class family. He went to college for business administration and later earned his Master's degree in retailing from New York University in 1963. He started his career in retail as a consumer and merchandiser. Although he could not sketch a style drawing, his ability to know market demand for fashion and deep understanding of how the complete industry operated led his employer during the time, the Vera Companies, to ask him to style an assortment for them. Perry Ellis released his original Portfolio collection of women's sportswear in 1976. His clean cut, casual style earned him acclaim from many women as he created the new classics they wanted for their wardrobes.

Ellis Breaks in to the World of Fragrance

Perry Ellis first introduced a scent to his repertoire with Perry Ellis for Women and Perry Ellis for guys in 1985. These scents were light spicy florals that embodied the heart of the Perry Ellis fashion designs. The Perry Ellis for guys is still available on the market today and is a great inexpensive choice for a morning on the town. Ellis died in 1986, but his name brand continues to flourish even today.

The Perry Ellis Tradition Continues

Later fragrance introductions from the Perry Ellis collection include 360. Perry Ellis 360 for girls that has been introduced in 1993 and contains top notes of melon, tangerine, lily, osmathus and cool blue rose. Middle notes contain lily of the valley, lavender, water lily, and sage. Bottom notes include sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, and amber. It is really a musky floral fragrance and will come in a cylinder shaped white box. Other variations include 360 Red, 360 White and 360 Blue (are you noticing the text, here?) each with their own unique notes, but enough of a thread that holds them together and a memory that Perry Ellis was one of many great fashion designers of America. 360 for Men was introduced three years after the women's version and contains notes of bergamot, freesia, lavender, citrus, vetiver and musk.

Other notable Perry Ellis fragrances which can be still available today include Perry Ellis Reserve which is a delightful daytime floral fragrance that contains a blend of yellow freesia, marigold, lotus blossom, white violet and lily. The Perry Ellis Reserve for Men, on the other hand is a relatively simple musky fragrance consisting of amber, musk and wood.


From humble and perhaps somewhat unexpected beginnings America finds among her best fashion designers of the 20th century. Perry Ellis designed clothes that may actually be worn by real women (and later men) and not merely for runway models. He later transferred this no-nonsense way of his fragrances. The Perry Ellis tradition has continued inspite of the designers'death in 1986. Popular Perry Ellis fragrances of today include Perry Ellis 360 for Women (plus the Red, White and Blue versions) and 360 for Men, Perry Ellis Reserve for Men and Women.

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