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How exactly to Tie a Turban Headband


Headbands are a stylish way to add color to an outfit and with every one of the various kinds available today, the possibilities are almost endless as it pertains to accessorizing an outfit.

Wearing a turban headband is a favorite new try to find women that's currently in fashion magazines and on the runways. While tying a turban headband might appear fairly complicated, it is clearly really simple and can be very quick to accomplish once practised several times.

A scarf or scarf headband made from any kind of fabric can certainly be used, but a stretchy type will work best since it tightens well and conforms nicely around the head. You may find you prefer the appearance of one form of fabric over another. It's best to choose a scarf or scarf headband that is at least 50" (127 cm) long, for a lady with a head circumference of average size. A shorter length may be used by tucking in the edges at the sides near the ears, rather than the final tying at the back.

Position the centre of the scarf at the back of the neck, at the base of the hairline. Bring the ends (one in each hand) toward the front so they're above the forehead. Twist each end around one other; once for a small knotted look, or twice for added height.

With arms within the shoulders, slowly pull each end outward and far from the top to tighten the knot and ensure it's secure. Then bring the edges to the rear of the top and knot the surplus once or twice. The fabric tails can be left hanging loosely or tucked underneath.

Any scarf or long headband can be used, providing the length is sufficient that it may be wrapped around the pinnacle and knotted a couple of times at the trunk, depending on your own preference. Tie back scarf headbands work well as they are a double layer of fabric, which provides nice height and dimension because of this creative look.
For variations of the turban headband look, try these:

1. Experiment with scarves or scarf headbands in various colors, textures and prints.

2. Position the twisted knot off to either side, as opposed to in the centre at the front.

3. Position the turban headband under or higher the hairline, at the back.

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