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How to Select the Right Refrigerated Trucking Services Company


These days hiring a trucking company is not easy. With so many trucking providers and truckers providing shipping services it could be a daunting task to find the right refrigerated trucking services company to help you together with your time-sensitive shipment.

Listed here are a number of ways you can narrow down your list of trucking service providers:

Utilize a Load Board

If you would like the trucking community to bid on your own refrigerated trucking needs drop your shipment on lots board and have the trucking community bid on your own project. It may be quick and effective and assist you to find the right company that may satisfy your shipping needs.

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Search Online

Extremely easy and the opposite of time-consuming searching on the internet for a trucking services company can be quite easy and quick. Keep in mind that the search results could render heaping levels of data but when you have had the time to sift through the search results you can narrow down some companies to make contact with about your shipping request. Search industry and federal databases such as for instance Transcore CarrierWatch® or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure motor carriers are deemed fit to perform transport services.

Trucking Magazines & Publications

There are numerous trucking magazines (online & offline) to help you identify your refrigerated trucking source. If you should be not new to the trucking industry you almost certainly are actually acquainted with lots of the trucking industry magazines. Use their offline version or hop online to find additional information about reputable trucking service providers.

Industry Associations

Pay attention to your peers! Contact trucking industry sources and see when you can locate the different refrigerated trucking companies in your area. You could over hear a scenario where someone caused a motor carrier that executed the task available perfectly, or in some instances, you might hear about a carrier's service failures. For example, the Transportation Intermediaries Association provides a Watchdog service where intermediaries report negligent carriers that double-broker, back-solicit or cancel on loads at the last minute. This serves being an excellent tool in order to avoid reporting a site failure to your customer.

Implement a Carrier Qualification System

Especially for refrigerated carriers, a carrier qualification team is absolutely necessary in order to avoid cargo claims and service failures. That being said, not all service failures are within your control. For example, your carrier setup team usually takes measures to ensure your refrigerated motor carrier has enough cargo insurance to cover your load in addition to "reefer breakdown" coverage. But it will be extremely hard to pour through the pages of each carrier's insurance policy to learn their policy exclusions and still cover your customer's shipment in a regular manner. Calculated risk is always part of our industry, but necessary nonetheless. The Transportation Intermediaries Association offers template contracts and carrier qualification guidelines to ensure you've practiced due diligence in selecting your refrigerated carrier, or any carrier for that matter.

Look them up on the Better Business Bureau

The BBB is still a great way to identify whether a business has been good to its audience. Don't assume all business is a member but it sure doesn't hurt to take a look. If they are on there it will reveal their value. This doesn't mean they are not a good trucking company to utilize if they are not on the BBB but it's one extra location to discover their skill set.

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